Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, so far so good.

Which is not to say that I'm not availing myself of the occasional beer (when hanging out with the in-laws, I'm afraid the "no beer, no cigarettes" rule does not apply. I am not made of stone). But, for the most part, I am trying to turn myself both into a classy broad who makes herself a martini and screams at the television during the New Hampshire primaries, and also become a better alcoholic. How soon before the taste of vodka does not make me shudder like a 16-year-old drinking her first non-Zima?

So far, the vodka's we've tried:

Grey Goose. First, I'm not linking to the original site because it makes you say if you're 21 or not and for some reason alcohol websites are full of flash animation, and it's like, hey dopes, way not to understand your audience - someone who's that committed to look up a brand of booze on the internet does not have the patience or single vision to click on the tiny little "skip intro" sign. Second, Grey Goose is totally the Bose Stereos of vodkas. There is no reason on earth that this vodka should cost as much as it does. It is mediocre at best.

Second: Ciroc which is distilled from grapes, is in a very nice bottle and taste like someone dipped a medicine-tainted ballbag in it. My husband likes this vodka, because he likes ballbags and medicine.

Third (and currently): Finlandia. This has more of the vodka benefits, which is to say that the gross rubbing alcohol flavor is at least slightly drowned out by the olive juice that I am currently making my martinis with in a 1:1 ratio with vodka. I will experiment around until I find something ideal.

Please do not mention gin to me. I went through a gin phase and I just don't have the patience for that anymore. If I wanted to drink a Christmas wreath, I would.

I almost choked to death on the olive toothpick last night. I might have been playing the PS3 and zoned out on Benadryl, and tried to eat the last olive off the toothpick no-handed, thinking it would be frictiony but instead it flew off the toothpick in the opposite way and I almost inhaled a festive red little wooden stick of death.

Hooray martinis!


Erin & Liann said...

hmmm vodka..ick... I do like olives though. you are a strong woman to give up beer. Kudos!


Kelly said...

stoli is the best.

i linked here from jezebel! i like your comments. the one especially about southern girls knowing how to thrown down. fucking serious.